You Gave it Your Best​.​.​. Unfortunately That's Not Saying Much

by The Sad Bastard Book Club

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A three song EP of misfit tracks that didn't fit into the last album and won't fit into the upcoming one either. But, oddly enough, they play very well with one another, so we decided to build them their own little sandbox and let them go at it there.


released November 24, 2009




The Sad Bastard Book Club San Francisco, California

Four people in a tiny San Francisco room playing overly loud doomy folk music (post-americana?) singing songs about the fibrodysplasia of the green world, animal rebellion, and the hope that maybe, just maybe, if we don't destroy everything first you might have the chance to pet a wolf before it tears your throat out in a vengeance killing. ... more

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Track Name: Fuck Heart Attacks! Attack the Heart!
Crying wolf and crying foul
All of the sob stories and the scowls
It's hard to think objectively
With all these songs of pity

Your heart is not needed here anymore
(Your thoughts only confuse you)
Keep filling it up and you'll leave through the floor
(Keep moving forward)

Ironic detachment
Gives you the leeway
For all the careless things
That you and your friends say

Mocking the broken and fucking around
(Your thoughts always elude you)
It's a small comfort, it's the only type we've found
(Keep moving backwards)
Of what we've become we are not proud
(Your thoughts define you)
Just another hungry face in a blood thirst crowd
(Keep moving backwards)

The heart's just a muscle
It always fails
Causing us weakness
And no end of ails
Track Name: It's Touching Moments Like This That Remind Me Why We Don't Speak Much
Shut your eyes he said
This isn't real this is only a dream
Shut your eyes he said
This isn't real you are only sleeping

The young boy's father took him aside
He said, "If hopes are like birds then our flock just died.
I know the last few years have been rough.
I've been doing the best to keep us going, but I know that's not enough."
In his once strong grip he took his son's small hand.
"But things will soon be different and I hope you'll understand."
He knelt down beside the boy and the boy saw his tears
He saw a broken and frightened man trying to bury all his fears.

"I am truly sorry my son.
It wasn't meant to be like this, but this is what's become.
I am truly sorry my son.
Someday the worst will be over. Until then pretend it's done."
Track Name: Just Keep Talking, It's Falling on Deaf Ears (Ha Ha)
Unsheath those teeth
Those gleaming blades inside your mouth
Flense the words before they're heard
And wrap them all in doubt

There was an infection when she was a child
It cost her her hearing and the love of her mother
At first she ran to those tender arms
At first she ran to those tender arms
When she looked in her eyes she saw that love never lived there
The words didn't match the affection she gave her
The rich velvet of mom's voice
Was a security blanket she could not hide in
From that point on, she swore only to trust
The eyes in the mirror